Department Of Social Work

Department Of Social Work

TThe department of social work was established on the year 2020. The department is one of the professional departments of Carmelgiri college, which gives equal importance to theory and practicum. Medical and psychiatry and community development are the two specializations offered by us. Social work is a practice based profession that promotes social change, development , cohesion and the empowerment of people and communities. Social workers are professionals who aim to enhance overall wellbeing and help meet basic and complex needs of communities and people.

The MSW programme promotes the profession of social work by educating students to become leaders for social change. We prepare them to be highly competent professionals who are skilled at providing effective services, integrating interdisciplinary knowledge, theory and social work values with practice to address social needs. Social workers work in a variety of settings including non –profit organizations, mental health and counseling centers, schools, advocacy agencies, community organizations, corporate companies and government agencies.


 To acquire theoretical foundation of social work profession.
 To assist with students with understanding and integration of social work theories and practice.
 To prepare students for professional social work practice in a variety of systems and settings.
 To foster the use of social work knowledge, skills , values and ethics in all aspects of their professional activities.
 To use research knowledge , and skills that advance social work practice
 To apply social work practices in the context of diverse cultures.
 To prepare students to recognize and apply social justice principles in practice situations calling for social change and advocacy
 To cultivate leadership for social change and in the development of social service delivery systems.
 To Provide opportunities for students to serve in various social work settings.
 To assist students with their professional as well as personal development.
 To acquire knowledge in theoretical and therapeutic approaches in counseling
 To get basic understanding of Indian legal system, legal procedures and human rights.
 To develop administrative skills including practical experiences in human service organization and project preparation
 To gain in - depth knowledge in various models of contemporary social work.
Course Name No.Of Seats Duration


2 Year

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Sr. Ritty K R

Head Of The Department



Ms.Meenu Jose

Assistant Professor